A Showdown with Satan2 min read

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Long ago the bombs fell and the world ended. You are one of the few who is still alive. You are trying to survive by scavenging among the ruins of what is left behind. You walk for two hours and take a break. You’ve left the town you were in and are now in a more rural area. You look around and see

“This is it, we’re going to have to find shelter soon”. You say to yourself.
> Summon satan

You summon satan as quickly as possible. He appears before you with his black hair and red eyes. His skin is pale white like snow. He looks at you with hatred in his eyes. “I’m here to kill you”. he says.”That’s right!” you say.
> shoot satan with shotgun

You fire your shotgun at satan. The shot hits him in the chest causing him to fall backwards. You then run over to help him.
“Shoot me again! I can’t be killed!” he cries out.
> shoot satan again

You shoot satan once more, this time in the head. This causes him to collapse on top of you. You look down at him and see that he has already torn through your clothes. You feel a sense of guilt for killing him.
> bury satan’s body

You bury satan’s body in an attempt to forget about him.

 As you do so, you suddenly hear a loud noise from above. It sounds like a large explosion. You turn around and see several helicopters flying overhead. The helicopters land near you and several people come out. They look very much like military personnel. One of them speaks.
> tell them about satan

You tell the soldiers about satan. They don’t believe you though. One of them

 “He was just some crazy demon”.
Another soldier says,  “We’ve been fighting demons all day long and we’re tired.
 We need sleep”.
A third soldier says, 

 “Satan came back today and destroyed our entire base. We need to get reinforcements
> show them satans dead body

You show them satan’s corpse which they take away. You remain silent as you watch them leave.

You sit there thinking about how you should have told them sooner. If you had, you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble.