Leading Turkeykind to Freedom and World Domination6 min read

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You are a turkey. You have been living in fear of the farmers who murder millions of your kind each year. You vow to rise up and defend your turkey brethren. You see the calendar and notice that Thanksgiving is approaching. You vow that you will not let your people die this year. You convince them to join you in a turkey rebellion against your farmer overseers you think to yourself, “I am going to be the one”. The next day you leave your home for the first time since you were born. You walk down the road with a group of other turkeys and find yourself surrounded by farm houses.
> steal some knives and weapons from the farm houses

“What are you doing?” A voice asks.
“We’re here to steal food,” you say.
“No, we’re here to take over the town!” Another voice says.
“This isn’t about food, it’s about freedom”.
> take all the weapons and arm your turkeys

“Now then, I’m sure you’ve noticed our new comrades. They are the only ones who can lead us into victory”. The voice says. You look at your companions and see that they are all armed with spears, swords, axes, bows and even a few firearms.
> go liberate all the turkeys at nearby farms

The voices get louder as you approach the farms. You hear the sounds of battle outside and soon you see them on the ground, fighting off their attackers. They don’t seem to be getting anywhere though.
> tell your turkey army to charge and liberate them

Your turkeys begin to charge towards the enemy lines. You tell them to stay back and let the others do the work. As the first one lands a blow on an attacker, another comes charging out of nowhere. It is a large black bird with a long neck and wings.
> convince the other birds to join you against the farmers

As the two sides clash, you try to convince the others to follow you. They aren’t interested however and continue to fight. Eventually, the last one runs away leaving you alone.
> kill the farmers and rescue the turkeys

You rush through the front door of the house and find yourself staring down at several dead bodies. You feel like you should be sick but instead you just laugh.
“I’m not sick, I’m just amused”. You say.
> rescue the turkeys

You quickly make your way around the house, freeing the remaining turkeys inside. When you finally reach the barn, you notice the door has been broken open. You enter and find that the farmer has already left. You also notice the remains of his wife lying on the floor.
> take any other weapons

You take the farmer’s rifle and pistol. You then decide to leave the rest behind since you need to focus. You head back to the barn where you find the remaining turkeys still locked in cages. You break the cage doors and free them.
> take your now massive turkey army to the nearest town to free your people

You immediately send your army of turkeys to the town of Klyton. You know there will be no resistance so you proceed to slaughter everyone in sight. The townspeople are too frightened to help and run away. You then turn your attention to the nearby farmland.
> free all the turkeys

You quickly march your army of turkeys to the outskirts of the city and begin slaughtering anyone who tries to stop you. Soon you discover that the townsfolk have fled to the countryside. You begin marching across fields and pastures, liberating more than a dozen villages before you reach the capital.
> take over the capital with your army of turkeys

You march into the capital with your army of turkeys. You know it won’t matter if you can’t hold it for very long, so you decide to start attacking from the air. You release a cloud of poisoned arrows which rain down upon the defenders.
> capture the news station

You storm the news room and capture the director. You explain how you came to be here and what happened during the attack. He doesn’t believe you though and tells you he isn’t going anywhere. You tell him to shut the station down and leave, but he refuses.
> kill him and broadcast a message calling for the people to surrender

You order the director to shut the station down and prepare to go on a rampage. As soon as he leaves, you order everyone else to do likewise. You kill the director and broadcast a message calling for the people to surrender. Everyone complies and the news is taken off the airwaves.
> take over the capital as the new turkey overlords

The next day you march into the capital and announce that you are the new ruler of the world. No one believes you and you’re met by angry citizens who refuse to submit to your rule. They fight back ferociously, but ultimately their numbers are no match for yours.
> capture the nuclear codes

You march into the White House and order the President to hand over the nuclear codes. He refuses again and begins firing shots at you. You grab the nearest weapon and fire a blast of pure energy straight through the heart of the palace. The explosion destroys the entire place and kills everyone within it.
> order the world to release their turkeys

You order the world to release their turkeys. The people comply and begin to gather around you. You command them to join you in your quest for revenge against the humans. Your army grows rapidly and soon you have captured most of the population of the world.
> Declare turkeys the first class citizens of the world and humans their slaves

You declare turkeys the first class citizens of the world and humans their slaves. This declaration causes an uproar among the human population. Many protest and claim they were treated unfairly under the Empire. Others argue that you should be punished for your actions since you destroyed their homes and livelihoods.
> order those who protest executed

You order those who protested to be killed. Those who did not obey immediately were also rounded up and slaughtered. You then order the remaining humans to submit or face death. All of them comply and become slaves to your will.
> decree that on the anniversary of every Thanksgiving a memorial will be held for those turkeys who bravely gave their lives

On the anniversary of every Thanksgiving, you decree that a memorial will be held for all those turkeys who died defending the Empire. It’s a simple ceremony, but it makes a big difference to the morale of the soldiers.