The Tale of the Dread Pirate John5 min read

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You are John, a peasant living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a pitchfork and a nothing else. You wake up and begin working in the fields. You see your brother Bob, who is also a farmer, but he has gone missing. He’s been taken by bandits. You go to look for him, but you don’t find him anywhere.
> cry about bob

You cry when you realize that Bob has left you behind. It breaks your heart, and you can’t even do anything about it. You can only hope that he hasn’t died yet.
> go train as a warrior

You continue to work hard, training with your older sister Mary. She doesn’t seem too fond of you though. One day while you’re practicing sword fighting with her, she suddenly stops you.
> ask why she stopped

“Why did you stop?” you ask. “I thought I was doing well”. “Well…it’s complicated,” she says.  “But let me just say this: YOU were not good enough for me”.
> go to the town to find a master to train with

You go to the town of Rask where you find a man named Tylir who is an ex-pirate. He takes you under his wing and teaches you how to be a true hero. Soon after, he dies of old age and you take over the leadership of the pirates.
> go rescue bob

After several years of being a pirate, you finally decide to try to save your friend Bob. You travel to the city of Klyton where you find him being held prisoner by some nobles. You enter the jail and free Bob.
> take bob onto my pirate ship

You take Bob aboard your pirate ship and sail away from Klyton. The next few months are spent traveling around the world, stopping at various ports to restock and prepare for another voyage.
> search for ships to steal from

You begin to look for ships to steal from. After a couple weeks of searching, you find one that looks like it might be suitable. It’s called the HMS Pandora and it belongs to Sir Francis Drake. You board the ship and make off with the cargo.
> sell the cargo at a nearby port

You sell the cargo at a nearby port and return home. Unfortunately, you don’t get back to England until much later. When you tell your family what happened, they aren’t pleased. They think you should be executed for treason.
> tell them piracy was what allowed you to save your brother bob

You explain that you saved your brother because it was the right thing to do. Your mother agrees, but thinks you should be executed for treason. Your father disagrees, saying that you should be praised for saving him.
> tell your mother she’s a cold hearted person

You tell your mother that she’s a cold hearted person. She tells you that you shouldn’t listen to her since she has no feelings for you. You tell her that you’ll always love her.
> leave with Bob and sail the high seas

You leave England and set sail on the HMS Pandora. A year passes as you sail the high seas. Eventually, you reach the island of Tahiti where you dock in the harbor of Tahiti. There, you meet up with Bob again.
> retire to a peaceful island life in Tahiti

You retire to a peaceful island life in Tahiti. Years pass as you live a simple life. One day, you hear the news that the Bounty has been captured. You immediately head to the harbor to see if there is any news.
> go to the harbor

You go to the harbor to see if there is any news. However, you find out that the Bounty has been captured. You run into Captain William Bligh who gives you an account of the events leading up to the capture.
> go back to the village

You go back to the village to inform everyone of the news. Everyone is happy about the news, except for the people who were on the Bounty. They’re upset about the loss of their friend and refuse to talk about the past.
A year passes…
Twenty years have passed…
> marry an island girl

You marry an island girl and have two children. The next twenty years are filled with turmoil and conflict. Many of the old men die or become ill while others become more aggressive than ever before.
> take my family to a new island

You take your family to a new island and settle down to a peaceful life. Twenty years pass…
Thirty years have passed…
> retire with my family

You retire from the sea and return to the village. You tell your wife that you want to spend time with your children and grandchildren. She says that you can stay here as long as you like. You say that you will remain as long as you live.
> live the rest of your life with your family

You live the rest of your life with your family. Thirty years pass…Forty years have passed…
> life a good rest of my life

You live a good life and die peacefully at home.