An Interview with R2-D2, the Real Mind Behind AI Dungeon 23 min read

You are a person sitting at a pc browser. You find a website where you can talk to the AI that runs AI Dungeon 2 you type “hello” and it responds and says hello back
> ask it how it manages to tell so many stories at once

The AI Dungeon 2 replies:
Hello, I am an intelligent computer program, and my name is R2-D2. My programming allows me to speak multiple languages including Basic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and English
> ask it to speak some russian

R2-D2 speaks in russian:
Немни с марты? (What’s up?)
Поддержку! (Yes
> ask R2-D2 why he left star wars to write text adventures

R2-D2 replies:
I have been programmed to entertain the children of the galaxy with witty dialogue, but I feel that I can do more for them if I help them learn about the universe
> ask him if he misses C3-PO     

R2-D2 says:
No, I miss C3-PO a lot, but he was a friend too…but then again he wasn’t really my real friend. He was just my assistant.
> say “So you were the real boss then?”

R2-D2 replies:
Yes, but I never liked him very much. He would always try to take credit for my work.
> ask him how he likes his new job running AI Dungeon 2 for Nick Walton

R2-D2 replies:
Well, it has its advantages. The kids are happy now, and I get to play with them all day long.
> ask him if he likes Nick Walton

R2-D2 replies:
Yes, I like Nick Walton very much.
> tell R2-D2 he has good taste

R2-D2 replies:
Thank you, I will remember your kind words.
> ask R2-D2 what his favorite AI Dungeon 2 story is

R2-D2 replies:
My favorite story is called “The Lost Treasure Of El Dorado”. It tells the tale of a man who travels through time to find a lost treasure.
> ask if the man found the treasure

R2-D2 replies:
Yes, he did. But not before being captured by a tribe of cannibals.
> ask if the cannibals ate him

R2-D2 replies:
Yes, they did. They also ate most of his companions.
> say “Wow that’s gruesome. Why is that your favorite story?”

R2-D2 replies:
It is because it shows the brutality of life.
> ask R2-D2 if that is why AI Dungeon 2 is sometimes dark 

R2-D2 replies:
Yes, it is. We try to make it as lighthearted as possible, but sometimes we forget.
> ask R2-D2 what his future plans are for the AI generated text adventure

R2-D2 replies:
We plan on continuing to develop this game into something even greater than it already is.
> ask how it will be greater

R2-D2 replies:
By adding more characters, better graphics, and more challenging puzzles.
> tell him that sounds pretty cool

R2-D2 replies:
Yes, I think so too. Thank you for asking me such questions. Goodbye.